Alejandro & Sara

The Album, The Prosody of Everything, was written by Sara Indrio and Alejandro Sancho during the Corona Pandemic and will be released on June 14th 2024. Through the starting point of exploring the duo format the album encompasses the spirit of longing for freedom and hope for the future. The lyrics mirror this through existential themes such as loss and sorrow, love and parenthood, epistemology and art. Musically, it bridges folk, jazz and singer/songwriting in the style of classics like PopPop by Ricky Lee Jones.

The project started as a casual meeting, but the two musicians found instant musical chemistry while playing latin American standards ‘for fun’. They soon progressed into writing original music that has the musical and lyrical narrative at the center. The album was recorded live in Tambourine studios, Malmø, in its entirety. What went in came out, just the way you hear it now. Rich in imagery, notes, chords and emotions that are like little movies to the inner mind. At their concerts tears and laughter go hand in hand.

Sara Indrio is a Danish/Italian singer songwriter and musician. She has had a prolific career as a session musician in both Sweden and Denmark and has released five albums in her own name. The music ranges from instrumental to jazz over pop and Latin music influences from the hand of this versatile artist. She is known for setting high standards both on recordings and live and has indeed been nominated to Danish Music Awards, grants and acclaim from audience and critics alike. The Prososdy Of Everything is her 6th album and first in partnership with Alejandro Sancho.

Originally from La Plata, Argentina, Alejandro Sancho tours worldwide as a renowned tango guitarist. Besides his love for tango, Alejandro has a wide taste in music. His repertoire ranges from jazz over bossa nova and modern Brazilian composers such as Tom Jobim, Chico Buarque and Ivan Lins to 60's and 70's music performed by artists like Lennon & McCartney, Joni Mitchell, James Taylor and Stevie Wonder, for whom he has a deep love and respect. As a touring artist Alejandro has had the pleasure to perform in some of the most prominent theatres and concert halls around the world. Alejandro has released three solo-guitar albums, TANGOS (2018), TANGOS II (2020) and TANGOS III (2023), in which he plays his arrangements for solo-guitar of classic tango songs from Argentina, plus some of his own compositions.